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Washington Post To Your Health  

Covid has brought death and grief. But grief can keep lost loved ones alive in our hearts.

I’ve allowed myself to feel the pain of loss and I’ve come to learn that bereavement isn’t something ...View More

Tennessee resumes most vaccine outreach to minors paused after GOP backlash

Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey said the state would restart its outreach recommending va ...View More

Suffering with hiccups that never seem to go away

Often, the involuntary contractions are a temporary annoyance. But some people can get them for days ...View More

How to talk to vaccine-hesitant friends and family about getting the shot

The vaccines are proven safe and are more widely available than ever, but many Americans are struggl ...View More

Financial hardships, income inequality affect how many words kids hear from parents, study says

Research suggests that reducing income inequality could boost for children the chances at success in ...View More

‘Patience has worn thin’: Frustration mounts over vaccine holdouts

Millions continue to refuse coronavirus shots as the delta variant drives new outbreaks

CDC exploring options to get additional coronavirus doses for the immunocompromised

Emerging data suggests that giving more shots to those with fragile immune systems may enhance their ...View More

CDC warns this is ‘pivotal moment’ in fight against delta variant

"It is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses ... I have seen in my 20-year career," the CDC ...View More

New Jersey hospital system fires 6 workers who failed to get vaccinated against coronavirus

Six senior health-care workers were fired by a New Jersey hospital system after they failed to compl ...View More

Tentative opioid deal would provide $26 billion and a new way to regulate painkillers

The proposed settlement would require drugmaker Johnson & Johnson and three major drug distributors  ...View More